Vietnam School Tours


Community Service

Vietnam School Tours is proud and excited to be able to offer numerous community service opportunities to all our partner schools.  When establishing Vietnam School Tours, Tram and Brett not only wanted to be able to offer schools the opportunity to explore Vietnam and Cambodia culturally and historically but also wanted to be able to provide schools with the option to expand their students’ worldview through tangible and meaningful community service opportunities.

Community Service projects allow our young people to become positive and active contributors in the wider world and in doing so make our students globally aware.  By undertaking a service work project, students not only meet new people but they get to work with new people - people who in the main are different culturally and have been raised in environments that are, in some ways much more challenging.  By working with other people our students learn about their culture and become able to explore new ideas and prospects.  Options that would not have occurred to our students, start to become obvious once they understand how other people experience the world.

Community Service enables our students to acquire skills and knowledge while providing a service to others that need it in some way.  Apart from the intangible benefits – such as pride, satisfaction and accomplishment there are many reasons why our youth should be exposed to well organised, meaningful service work opportunities. Some of these include:

·       Helps students develop an increased sense of social responsibility – a global view of society and a heart for ‘giving back’ and helping others.

·       Provides an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs. Course material is ‘enriched’ by making curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

·       Builds relationships and social connectedness with peers, teachers and communities being ‘served’.

·       Improves communication and critical thinking skills.

·       Builds self-belief and that all important ‘can-do’ attitude.

·       Provides an opportunity to problem solve as part of a team. By working through challenges students learn how to work together to solve a problem and then enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming hurdles.

·       Exposes students to diverse cultures and communities.

·       Provides scope for students to learn about a myriad of social issues ‘first-hand’ and their root causes.

·       Develops skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration and leadership.

In short, whether it’s one day or ten we really do believe that by providing the opportunity for students to engage in some sort of community service program we are most certainly ‘opening their eyes’ and by doing so will ‘change their life!’