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Extended my knowledge of the world

Extended my knowledge of the world

My time in Cambodia and Vietnam has been very eye-opening and life changing because it has given me the chance to experience another culture and also learn about different customs, religions and ways of life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Cambodia and Vietnam as I believe that I have learnt a great amount and have extended my knowledge of the world through personal experiences and the help of great local guides and the guides from Vietnam School Tours.

At each new destination I have been able to add to my list of the greatest places to visit. One of the places which meant most to me was Halong Bay, the beautiful scenery and magnificent sites that nature has to offer truly surprised me and made me appreciate the beautiful things that mother earth has to offer.

Throughout my trip I have witnessed amazing and beautiful things, but also saw poverty so extreme, nothing like life is back in Australia. This affected the way that I understand, accept and appreciate the things that I have and also feel for those who don’t. These feeling were further developed when visiting the War museums and Killing fields where I learnt about the struggles that both the Vietnamese and Australian soldiers and civilians had to deal with, which made me realise how much we actually take for granted.

During my time in Vietnam and Cambodia I have gotten out of my shell by trying deep fried spider, eating some very strange meals and getting my taste buds very use to lemon grass, chili and coriander.

This trip has definitely opened my eyes and changed my life for the better, I feel that I have grown and matured, and it has also heightened my respect for those whom have passed and for those that are not as fortunate as us.

Vietnam School Tours have provided a fantastic trip and tour of Cambodia and Vietnam and I would love to share how great they are and how much I have matured as a person because of them. Thank you.

Hayley Leighton travelled Cambodia and Vietnam in April 2017