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So much culture and diversity

So much culture and diversity

My time in Cambodia and Vietnam has been an absolute ball. It’s not a surprise that these two countries offer some amazing experiences and memories.

My favourite place in Cambodia was Siem Reap. The hotel we stayed at was beautiful and overall there were so many highlights. Riding around in Tuk Tuks for the food tour, bike riding to all the different temples, our kickboxing lesson, the museums we visited to learn more about Cambodian culture and most definitely watching the circus and doing the workshop. The circus was like no other, it didn’t just show off tricks and acrobatic performances, it had a story behind it, the performance contained so much culture and diversity. I just fell in love - for me the performance was that awesome.

I was a bit upset when we got on the plane, I never wanted to leave. We had this amazing tour guide, Kea, who was always smiling. He was just one of those people you wish you could pack up and take home with you. In Phnom Penh we visited the Killing Fields and the Toul Sleng Museum. It was very saddening but it makes you appreciate the life you have and you realise how privileged you are to have a stable home and to not live in what once was a war zone.

As soon as we hit Vietnam, it was much cooler and this was where we first met our other tour guide, Chi. Straight away he had an elated vibe. We did some amazing things in Vietnam too. We played soccer and basketball against a high school and spent a day and night on a boat in Halong Bay. We also went bike riding on an eco tour and met this lovely old lady Xiem who was 73 years old and still working hard. Our bike guide was Yen, who had a similar vibe to Chi, very energising and upbeat. The next day we had our cooking class which was an absolute blast, our instructor kept making jokes, while everyone was enjoying the food.

I’ve achieved so much on this trip, seen so much and experienced so much I just never wanted to leave!

Legacy Poata travelled Cambodia and Vietnam in April 2017