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The people you meet they inspire you with their resilience and optimism

The people you meet they inspire you with their resilience and optimism

Beware this piece of writing will most likely be filled with clichés and the same story you’ve heard a thousand times; but nonetheless I will tell you about what I discovered in Cambodia and Vietnam. I’m not going to say that the whole trip was one big joyous occasion because it wasn’t, it was like life. It had the good, the bad and the ugly. However, I can say that the good greatly outweighed the bad and the ugly.

Before I came on this trip my life was all about what type of iPhone I wanted and if I was cool enough in school. Coming here though I learnt so much and grew so much as a person. I saw the world in a new light that I had never seen – I witnessed people living under tarps and malnourished children, yet despite all of their hardships they still smiled and laughed and had so much kindness and generosity in their hearts.

The people you meet they inspire you with their resilience and optimism. They teach you things that you could never learn in the classroom. You feel things you could never imagine, you also gain another family in the group you travel with – I started this trip knowing everyone’s name and only about the lives of a few; but believe me once you get here and spend 2 weeks with these people – they naturally become your friends and in time, your family. They become this because the things you’ve been through here is something you can’t describe, you can only live.

Before I came here I started fundraising 12 months in advance; raffle tickets, cake stalls, movie nights and so many other things it can feel like you’re drowning in it, but you truly cannot understand how that money will forever change a person’s life. It can give a family somewhere safe to live, or help a student to attend school and achieve their dreams. This money, it is just a thing we throw around back home but here every cent is treasured and put towards making a brighter future. So please, if you are thinking about coming on this trip - ever in the slightest you should. You can’t imagine how life changing it is till you’ve lived it. 

Georgia Burgess. Travelled to Vietnam in September 2016