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Treasured in my heart forever

Treasured in my heart forever

My time in Cambodia was obviously incredible. Just being here to see the amazing smiles of the children when we finished and during the service work for the school in KTK. The happiness of the children was expressed in the tears from their eyes which showed the great impact that we had on Bryns School No 5.

Moreover, smiles and happiness could be seen when we finished building the house for the family in Siem Reap. They were the most influential, beautiful and incredible smiles that I have ever had the privilege of witnessing. They will never be forgotten and will be treasured in my heart forever and for always.

To add, I enjoyed throughly, learning about the Khmer civilisation alongside one of the most inspirational people I have met in my life; Mr Vudithy. His knowledge on Cambodia and the development of his civilisation was outstanding. His intelligence is beyond what I could have ever expected of one human being.

Furthermore, I loved working and listening to people who were so enthusiastic. It is fantastic to see this and it always, without fail, makes me even happier than before. I would also like to add that no matter where you go people are so kind. For example, the people at the markets, restaurants, temples, city, country the people were always nice and from what I can tell, it must be like that all throughout Cambodia.

This is for me was the trip of a lifetime I am proud of my school, my classmates and my teachers for what we have accomplished on this trip, and if given the opportunity in the future I would love to do it again.

Joshua McNally. Travelled to Cambodia in November 2016