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We were pushed hard, but it was worth it

We were pushed hard, but it was worth it

My time in Cambodia has been one of the best experiences of my life. I will cherish the many memories I have made for the rest of my life, and this trip has made me more eager to volunteer.

We arrived in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and I was eager and excited to start the journey. Our time in Phnom Penh was spent learning about the history and culture of Cambodia. We visited S21 and the Killing Fields, which was a very confronting experience. The grey, black walls of S21 filled the air with woe and despair as we looked around. The Killing Fields were also very devastating and again confronting, as we were filled with information about the Khmer Rouge. Although our volunteer work did not begin in Phnom Penh, I learnt a lot about the horrific past of Cambodia and I am eager to share all the information I havegained with my fellow peers in Australia.

KTK was one of the many highlights of my trip. We started our volunteer work here and I loved every minute of it. We worked at LVE Brynn’s School and I made many close friendships with the children there. They are always smiling and are so thankful. Staying at the homestay really opened my eyes to the Cambodian way of life, and I loved it. Everyone was so considerate and always willing to help.  Our volunteer work at the school included building shelves for a library, painting walls and doing some general cleaning. We were pushed hard, but it was worth it when we saw the teachers and students. KTK was definitely the most eye opening experience of the trip, and it has made me very thankful about my way of life in Australia.

Siem Reap was our last destination, and we continued more volunteer work there. We built a house for a disadvantaged family in just 4 days, and everyone worked so hard to make sure we met our goal. The rest of the time in Siem Reap was spent learning more about Cambodian culture. We visited many temples which were so beautiful and we learnt about how they were built such a long time ago.

21 days later, we are here at the airport, reflecting on this amazing adventure. This trip has absolutely flown, and I am so thankful I have had the chance to participate in this amazing adventure.

Georgia Henderson. Travelled to Cambodia in November 2016