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Awesome spots away from the usual attractions

Awesome spots away from the usual attractions

Hanoi, Saigon, Hoi An, Sapa, Nha Trang – we love them all, as do the tourists who visit them.  We thought we would offer three great additions or even replacements for these aforementioned tourist hot spots!

1.     HUÉ – the old Imperial capital of Hue is one of our favourites.  Museums, tombs, boat cruises, unbelievably tasty cuisine and one of Vietnam’s seven UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Imperial City of Hue!  Hue has truck-loads in the way of Vietnamese history and culture  and the people are simply wonderful.

2.     HÀ GIANG– the most northerly province of Ha Giang has oodles to offer and as yet has not been overrun with tourists like its northerly counterpart SAPA has.   Nature, scenery, extreme beauty and also heaps of ‘forgotten’ history.  The town of Ha Giang was extremely damaged during the 1979 border war with China, a war which few from the west even know occurred.  The locals though have certainly not forgotten.

3.      PÙ LUÔNG NATURE RESERVE – offers idyllic landscapes and extreme natural beauty.  Running water falls, iridescent green rice fields being tended to by women wearing conical hats, men herding water buffalos and children playing in the streams that zig zag this amazing place of agricultural beauty.   If you are thinking of trekking coupled with ‘story book’ homestays, then this is it.  A real look at Vietnam being showcased by a company who loves it, knows it and regularly visits it!