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Cambodia - Magical Treasure Of Asia

Cambodia - Magical Treasure Of Asia

Next year is the 20th year since the death of brutal Khmer Rouge dictator - Pol Pot - and the 20th year of real stability for most of the Cambodian population.  As such we believe that 2018 represents a wonderful opportunity for students to not only learn first-hand about Cambodia’s tragic past but to also bear witness to its healing and rebirth.

Cambodia is a place that shakes visitors to the core one moment, before making the surliest of hearts flutter the next and once you have visited, it never lets you go.

Established as a French colony in 1884, the European nation’s influence remains evident across the  Kingdom as do the architectural marvels of the great empires that have come and gone.  Cambodia is also home to Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake, an abundance of untouched islands and rugged off-the-beaten track landscapes.  The scars of the Khmer Rouge period are healing and 2018 presents a unique opportunity for teachers and their students to live Cambodia’s history, explore its natural and architectural wonders and get to know Cambodia’s Khmer people who truly embody the essence and charm of this amazing country.

Despite the progress over the last two decades Cambodia is still extremely poor and the opportunity for students to become involved in community projects that better the lives of those who are less fortunate is immense.  At VST we pride ourselves on designing programs that help schools broaden their students’ outlook so that they can become active, engaged citizens of the global community.  Additionally, all our service learning opportunities are conducted with communities and institutions with whom we have a personal affiliation and knowledge of, ensuring that the needs of the school and the requirements of the community being serviced are met.

Cambodia is a land of religious legends and real-life tales and as it takes its place among the planet’s most sought after destinations, 2018 represents a unique time to allow Vietnam School Tours to take you and your students on a journey to uncover the kingdom of the Khmer kings.