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Student classrooms in Lai An community

Student classrooms in Lai An community

In June this year I had the privilege of joining the staff and students of EPSHS in building a classroom which will be used by the children in Lai An, a local community in the outskirts of Hue. The commitment and hard work which I saw was so inspiring. The group worked in the heat and the humidity and later in the rain and their efforts were nothing short of amazing. The project day fell on the 28th June which was International Family Day and so it was the perfect day for the project. The students worked tirelessly back in Australia to raise money for the project and have gifted the community with such an amazing gift which will positively affect so many.

Students working onsite. The old classroom before building work began (bottom left)

The students worked alongside people from the local community to render the walls and cement the floors of a classroom.The classroom once completed will be used for a number of uses however the main driving force behind the classrooms was to provide children with a safe place to spend their weekends and summer break. During my travels in the past I found children as young as 5 left at home alone during the summer breaks as parents needed to continue to work and could not afford alternate care.

The classrooms will now be used as a ‘summer school’ which will mainly be run by students/volunteers from the local community who will donate their time to help in English/maths/craft classes. The children will have a safe place to go to during the day where they will be provided a small meal and a place to rest during the day. 

The rooms will also be used for:

- community meetings

- weekend classes

- a place for shelter during the typhoon/flood seasons. Many houses are destroyed during this time so it will provide a place to stay during and after the floods. 

The classrooms although on the site of Lai An Catholic parish will be available for all those in the local community. The future plan will be to build a total of 6 classrooms.

We’ve got another school who has committed to working on this project in January 2017 and are so proud to be able to help this community. Thanks to all who have worked on this project and who will continue to help complete the project in the future.