Vietnam School Tours


Why Travel with Vietnam School Tours

Students learn valuable insights about the world by "venturing into it" and overseas travel experiences are considered a way to enhance language skills, develop cultural knowledge and understanding, and instil a sense of global perspective.  

At Vietnam School Tours we understand this and we also understand that students learn most when they’re having fun! When they’re getting involved and immersing in an experience, not just listening to a tour guide. As such all our tours are designed to get students to fully immerse in that all important "outside-the-classroom learning" – to engage, rather than merely observe.

If you are considering a school tour to Vietnam or Cambodia then look no further as there a number of factors that clearly stand us apart from the rest: 

  • Australian family owned company with intrinsic ties to Vietnam

Co-founder Tram Macdouall is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees and Vietnam is very close to her heart.  Her brother is award winning author and comedian Anh Do and her husband Brett is a teacher and form master with over twenty years’ experience – including over a decade of personally guiding consecutive trips to Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • The true school tour specialist when it comes to Vietnam

We are called Vietnam School Tours for a reason.  No other school tour provider can offer the same depth of knowledge, experience and local insight like we can when it comes to school travel to Vietnam. We are not a ‘buffet’ style provider who offers 15 countries and then leaves the organisation up to someone else.  Every part of your school’s travel from the moment the booking is received to the time the trip ends is personally organised and run by our team at Vietnam School Tours.

  • Risk Management is at the forefront of all our tours

At Vietnam School Tours we fully understand the risks involved with travel to Vietnam and Cambodia and have over a decade of experience in addressing and substantially minimizing these risks.

  • Individually designed tours

No two schools are identical and as such we understand the need to personally design each of our tours to suit the requirements of the school we are working with.

  • Guides who understand school students.

All our guides understand that school travel groups are very different to mass market ‘off the rack’ tours and know very well how to maximize both student/staff enjoyment and safety.

  • 24 hour – on call support

We know what a big deal it is to take school students overseas so we have 24 hour – on call support for the duration of all our tours.  On call support that goes straight to Tram – not to a call centre that queues the call while trying to reach the boss for a definitive decision!

  • Uniquely local

Sustaining tourism in Vietnam is an issue close that is close to Tram’s heart and as such all local tour productions that are utilized by VST are those that are responsible in not only mindset but also practice.  Our constant goal is to provide the most amazing experiences for our student groups while generating meaningful connections and economic benefits for local people and communities. 

Our team members at Vietnam School Tours have been organizing school trips to Vietnam and Cambodia for over a decade, leading groups from 10 to over 100 travellers and we simply love what we do! Contact us now so we can help you organise your school’s trip of a lifetime.