“What you learn, teach. What you get, give.”

“What you learn, teach. What you get, give.”

February 19, 2023

Over the last few months, we have all had very different experiences and reactions to the Covid-19 virus. Most of us are worried and concerned about our family and the impact on the world. However, many are also taking the opportunity to spend extra quality time with family and loved ones, or perhaps we picked up a lost hobby.

Our team at Vietnam School Tours have also had the opportunity to slow down and in doing so, we have realized the vast amount of experience and knowledge which we have to share.

Students often joke that our guides are walking encyclopedias with ‘real-life’ stories. Remarks are made about how unbelievably lucky we are to have such amazing jobs where we get to travel, meet marvelous people, learn fascinating things and help people along the way through life-changing service projects.

Deciding to begin this blog, we wanted to share our vast experiences and provide information for teachers, students and parents. We hope it will inspire you and open doors for students around the world to travel.

We hope you enjoy it.

Tram and the Team at Vietnam School Tours.