The Never-Changing Beauty of Hanoi and the Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter
The Never-Changing Beauty of Hanoi and the Old Quarter

October 11, 2023

Within the city of Hanoi in Vietnam lies the Old Quarter. This area of Vietnam has quite the history. While it began as a swampy area filled with alligators and snakes, it has grown into the beautiful destination it is today. The best part is that the two-thousand-year history of the Old Quarter is still present everywhere today. In fact, the Old Quarter hasn’t changed much at all since it was developed.

This area of Hanoi is just as vibrant and eclectic as it was many years ago. Each street is known for the items being sold on that single street. So if you are after shoes, make your way to shoe street. Looking for jewellery, head over to silver street. It's pretty simple and allows you to browse all your options in the one place. The original thirty-six streets have now expanded to approximately 70 streets, while some of the stores are selling the same items they have always sold, many others are choosing to move forward with the progression of the world.

As you are walking around the Old Quarter in Hanoi, you won’t see all the different fortified walls from the past. However, the East Gate is still in place to remind you of what this bustling area was like when it was first constructed.

You may see the modern world creeping into Hanoi and the Old Quarter. However, there is still an abundance of history located there as well. You must keep your eyes open during your visit or you will miss some of the important history that is actually right in front of you.