December 20, 2023

Vietnam provides an abundance of opportunities for trekking and camping allowing students to learn in a natural setting. Vietnam School Tours offers many school trips to outdoor locations, where students areexposed to new experiences and challenges.

Takingstudents out of their usual environment is a great way to push students out of their comfort zone, however it can at times be daunting. We find students adapt betterwhen they are well prepared, schools are encouraged to hold information sessions prior to an outdoor school trip allowing both parents and students to ask questions and have all the necessary information.

Here is our sample Outdoor Education packing list:

  1. Duffle Bag/Large Backpack

    All your belongings should be able to fit comfortably into your bag. Don’t try to bring a suitcase as you will not be able to wheel it around on the grass and dirt paths.

  2. Clothing and Toiletries

    Depending on where the school trip is located and the amount of time, we will provide a clothing and toiletries list to suit.

  3. Small Backpack

    A small size backpack will be required for day-to-day use to hold a water bottle, camera etc

  4. Water Bottle

    A re-usable water bottle is essential, students will be able to refill their own water bottles throughout the day as required.

  5. Comfortable Walking Shoes or Sneakers

    This is certainly not the time to try out a new pair of shoes. Make sure shoes have a good grip and are nice and comfortable.
  1. Flip Flops

    Great to have when going to the bathroom and showers. 
  1. Flashlight or Head Torch

    Our school trips will usually not incorporate trekking after dark but a flashlight or torch is great for trips to the bathroom or when walking around the campsite.
  1. Sleeping Bag

    Students will be in tents or cabins whilst away. Tents will be provided, however each student will need to bring their own sleeping bag.
  1. Small Towel

    A small and quick dry towel would be best.
  1. Medical pack

    Our guides will have an medical emergency pack, however it is always good practice to bring a pack for yourself. Bring any personal medication as well as mosquito repellant and spare band-aids
  1. Waterproof Bag or Zip Lock Bag

    In case of heavy rain it is always good to have a bag to put your valuables into so you know it can stay nice and dry. If you can’t get a waterproof bag a zip lock bag is the second best option.
  1. Snacks

    Meals are provided whilst on school trips, however some students will want to bring along some extra snacks for that little pick-me-up.

  2. String or rope

    String is always handy to have, even if it is just to tie your wet shoes to your backpack!

  3. Plastic Grocery bag

    There is nothing worse than having to put your dirty, wet clothes back into your bag. Plastic bags are great to throw your dirty clothes into so everything else in your bag can stay nice and clean.

  4. Camera

    When outdoors we encourage students to be outside without the interruption of technology. Iit is great if students have a camera that is not on their phone.