Halong Bay will always be my Dragon Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam School Tours
Halong Bay will always be my Dragon Bay

April 02, 2023

Halong Bay has always held a special place in my heart as I remember my mum telling me the legendary folktale about how dragons came down to the bay and were so mesmerised by the beauty of the bay that they decided to lay down and make Halong Bay their home. 

As I cruise along the bay, I often imagine each of the limestone karsts as the scales on the back of the dragon. It's a pretty out-there story, but Halong Bay is undoubtedly pretty out-there. 

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay has always been known for its beauty. Students are always amazed as they cruise along the bay dotted with 1600 limestone karsts. The most common thing I hear once we arrive in Halong Bay is "that was so worth the 2-hour drive" followed by "can't we stay here another night". 

Most of our school tourgroups spend a night on the boat which is a great way for students to further their bond with each other as well as their teachers. There is nothing like a good old session of karaoke to break down barriers and cement friendships. 

Besides cruising through the bay and exploring the caves, Halong Bay has a wide variety of activities which keeps students busy. It is a great school trip idea to add to an educational travel program to Vietnam.

Tai Chi in the morning

After a good nights sleep on the cruise, there is no better way to start your day than Tai Chi while watching the sunrise over the bay. A relaxing, gentle morning exercise, Tai Chi combines slow movements with deep breaths to relax your body and your mind.


The only thing better than cruising through the waters is kayaking in Halong Bay. Paddling through the emerald waters is a great way to experience the natural landscape and be blown away by the magnificence of the bay. 

Cooking class

In addition to enjoying the delicious, fresh food on the cruise, students and teachers also have the opportunity to cook Vietnamese dishes as they partake in a cooking class. Always a fun activity to help students experience Vietnamese cuisine prepared by themselves.


People often laugh when I mention cycling in Halong Bay. Of course, there is no cycling on the water, but make your way to Cat Ba Island and enjoy a couple of hours exploring the local flora. 


A karaoke session is Vietnam's version of a BBQ. Friends and family will often sit around of an afternoon or evening and bash out some songs to whittle away the time. 

Out on the boat, this is such a great way to build teamwork and support amongst students while teachers have impressed with some classics from 'Tell it to my Heart' to 'Wake me up before you go-go'. 

Squid fishing

Most students have enjoyed fishing back home, but not many have experienced squid fishing. There is nothing like catching squid and having the crew cooking it up nice and fresh as an after dinner delight.