Georgia R.
"My school offered me the trip of a lifetime"

Travelled to Vietnam in April 2016

On my journey through Vietnam my group visited Hanoi, Danang and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). On our adventure at these beautiful locations we were able to experience so many wonderful things about Vietnam it's culture and it's way of life.

In beautiful Danang we had the opportunity to partake in Vietnam rural life first hand where we meet an extraordinary woman named Sim, a 72 year old working woman who allowed us to contribute to her plant farming. We were also able to ride a water buffalo across a small body of water and truly connect with nature.

In Hanoi we visited the breath-taking historical monument- Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, this incredible experience allowed me to understand the level of respect the people of Vietnam have for this incredible maker of history. The history of Vietnam was also an extremely interesting feature of our trip as we learnt about the American War (Vietnam War) and the devastating effects it had on the country and its people. I was also able to see the ins and outs of this city on a spectacular cyclo ride around the market place before snapping up many bargains.

Lastly we travelled to Ho Chi Minh City. During our time here we experienced my favourite memory of the entire trip….we volunteered our time at a blind school where we met some pretty incredible people. The amount of happiness and joy these children brought me is something that will stay with me forever. Even though they were disadvantaged they all had such a great value for life and brought many of us an immense amount of delight.

Vietnam had the most fulfilling vibe. The happy and enthusiastic locals never failed to bring a smile to my face. Our tour guide Chi was a classic example, every morning when we would board our tour bus he brought with him the widest smile possible and greeted us with the friendliest 'Xin Chao'!

I shall never forget the amazing opportunity I was given through Vietnam School Tours.