Rebecca P
My time in Vietnam was one of the best experiences of my life.

Travelled to Vietnam in October 2018

My time in Vietnam was one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me so many valuable lessons, gave me more independence and allowed me to experience things that I never had before in Australia.

I enjoyed meeting with kids at the school and donating money that we fundraised as it made me feel like I had made a small impact on other peoples lives.

I believe that this trip is a perfect balance of educational and fun as I found I enjoyed all of the trip and now hold so many amazing memories with my friends and people I got to know in Vietnam. One of my favoutite days was the eco tours as we got a much bigger insight into the true Vietnam and I thoroughly enjoyed the circular bamboo boats.

Vietnam is different to Australia in every way and I think Vietnam School Tours perfectly depicted the different culture and conditions faced in Vietnam. It truly did open my eyes to what other people in the world deal with everyday for basic life necessities, to give their families an education and the hard labor people have to do.

I would highly recommend this trip to any and everyone as I do not think I will ever forget this amazing experience and it truly did make me view the world in a different way.