Genevieve O.
“Amazing activities so different and unique”

Travelled to Vietnam January 2020

Reflecting back on this trip I struggle to isolate one experience that beats the rest. Each day has brought amazing activities so different and unique. That is one of the amazing things about this trip and country, every experience is different.

I loved the amazing scenery and landscapes across the entire country. I enjoyed the scenery because itis so unique and different to anything I have seen, my overall impression of Vietnam is that it’s a beautiful country with a rich history and culture.

I had no idea of the interesting and extensive history dating back thousands of years. My opinion on Vietnam has changed, I didn’t understand how busy the cities would also be. I also didn’t realise the extent of the poverty, even in the cities. Seeing the pollution also shocked me, I didn’t realise that even in the rural areas it still occurred.

Spending time building the school and seeing the children at the orphanage truly touched me. That experience so unique has made a huge impact on my life and reminded me that;
(a) I am so grateful to have the opportunities I do
(b) I am in a position to be able to give back to those less fortunate.

That is what I will take from this trip, the reminder that I have the power to have a positive impact on those around me. In the future I will always take up these opportunities when they present themselves to me and always be thankful of what I have.

At school I will promote gratefulness and the experience to the other students to show where their donations go. For future expeditions, I could only suggest more time at the orphanage and another night in the magical Pu Luong National park as these experiences are so unique to Vietnam and the immersion trip.

This trip has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I could never have imagined the amazing memories and adventures this trip brought me, my life is so, so much richer because of my time here.

There were so many times when I couldn’t believe where I was orwhat I was doing. From building a school to bike riding through rice fields in Hoi an, riding a water buffalo, learning how to fish or cook Vietnamese food. These moments I could never have experienced and didn’t think I would experience without going on this trip.