Alysha T.
These experiences make you a more worldly person.

Travelled Vietnam in September 2018

My time in Vietnam has been so truly amazing and eye opening. There has been so much to love about this trip, there was never a dull moment. I have learnt so much about the people and culture in Vietnam and these experiences wihch make you a more worldly person.

I particularly enjoyed visiting and playing with the children. They were all so beautiful, bubbly and happy. I think the children really impacted my time in Vietnam as they are all so happy and eager to learn even though they are not as well off or given as many opportunities as people from our country. The experiences with the children really opened my eyes to see it is the simple things in life that really matter.

I loved all the “firsts” throughout the trip too. First time eating a range of different foods such as octopus, goat and dragon fruit. I also had my first go at bartering. There were so many first experiences on this trip and so many amazing memories that I could never forget! I have learnt so many new skills and this trip has definitely opened my eyes and changed my life.